2013 Winning Bee Quest Projects

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ABISOLA FASEHUN; 12th grade student from Baltimore, MD
Food at a Nigerian Wedding

“My Mom was a wedding photographer in Lagos, a big city in Nigeria, West Africa; so, she attended a lot of marriage ceremonies. Sometimes I would accompany her to these events. The Engagement Ceremony of the Yorubas, also known as the Traditional Wedding, is really interesting to me, because of the special attire used; the funny speeches from the two “Alaga Ijuro” (Masters of Ceremonies), all of the dancing that occurs; and the many prayers from the parents of the couple. It is a really fun event, and the cultural foods used during this celebration are also very interesting. My project will share more about the Engagement Ceremony of the Yorubas and will present the many, many interesting foods that are part of the “dowry” (a special gift from the Groom to the Bride’s family); the ritual items used during the ceremony; and the feast that is prepared to celebrate.” -Abisola Fasehun

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CAMERON MOYE; 9th grade student from Grasonville, MD

Sound Nutrition

A high school band and instrument ensemble like never before! Meet The Sound Bites: Sam Pomerantz, Trombonist; David Garvey, Saxophonist; Grant Striegel; Rick Hook, Percussion; and Cameron Moye, Trumpeter.  The featured jam sessions were recorded exclusively for Cameron Moye’s Bee Quest project.

“We developed some band instruments using different kitchen utensils. We explored thrift stores to discover kitchen items that would create neat sounds. We also incorporated recycled kitchen containers in our instruments.” -Cameron Moye

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SPENCER & TAYLOR GODINE; 12th and 11th grade students from Charlottesville, VA
A Scavenger Hunt at the Walters Art Museum

“We have learned that proper nutrition contributes to success in life. Furthermore, our interest in fine arts made us turn our eyes to The Bee Quest Project. Our team used The Walters Art Museum as the location for the scavenger hunt due to its vast array of magnificent art.  This exciting scavenger hunt allowed us to not only pursue our interests in nutrition, but also gave us the opportunity to show others the importance of nutrition. By trying our scavenger hunt, you can help accomplish what NutriBee is set out to achieve: make the world a better place through nutrition.” -Spencer Godine 

Note: As a fun school project idea, if you visit the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD print out the pages below and join Spencer and Taylor Godine in enjoying their scavenger hunt! The two pages go back-to-back and become a bifold scavenger hunt brochure to take with you, and please let us know about your visit so we can coordinate with the Walters Art Museum. To print the project below, just click on the image thumbnail to enlarge it. Then “right click” on the enlarged image, and select “Copy Image.” Paste it into a Word Document, or any program you like to paste images into. Then print out your pages and take them with you to the Walters Art Museum.

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AJAY JOSHI; 12th Grade student from Kirkland, WA

I Salute You, You Feed Me: Nutrition in the Military

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this project.  [It] gave me a better idea of what life was like in the military.  I could even meet some veterans.” –Ajay Joshi

Ajay interviewed servicemen from all 5 branches of the U.S. military about food. No personal information of the interviewed soldiers is used in this Power Point.

To view Ajay’s presentation, click on the first slide, top left. Then continue to the next slide by clicking on the arrow on the right-center side.

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