Bee Quest

whats nutrition to you

Each of the high school students below submitted their proposal to NutriBee, was selected, and received a grant based on their presentation demonstrating how their passion relates to nutrition.*

 Click on Trent Gilliam’s “Chinese Culture” or Caleb Salo’s “Geocaching” presentation below, and view some samples of our interactive Bee Quest winners’ presentations.

Videos in the presentations require high-speed Internet to view, and might not play on Iphones/Ipads that aren’t Flash enabled. Videos do not operate in Mozilla / Firefox at this time.

*High schooler’s presentations include BEE QUESTions which are used as study-materials for NutriBee’s National Game Show (5th-7th graders).

16 19 card games 5 3
1 4 15 9 6
7 8 17 20 18
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