Growing NutriBee together: How you can help support us

NutriBee is calling all friends and supporters who share our commitment to help youth achieve vitality through nutrition. Please read about our 100/100/100 Leadership Circle.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”
-Lakota leader Tatanka Iyotanka known as Sitting Bull

Thank you for your interest in NUTRIBEE, the only national game show that engages youth in making healthful nutrition choices. NutriBee is a first in many ways. Developed and researched at Johns Hopkins University, the nation’s first and largest school of public health, it is a fun games-based innovation where educators and health professionals engage our nation’s future leaders in nutrition, agriculture and food safety.  NutriBee makes a difference, even in poor communities and among diverse ethnic groups.  The pilot studies were so successful that I founded a 501c3 non-profit organization to share NutriBee nationwide.

Today I seek your help. As we apply for grants from foundations and corporations nationwide, grass roots support is extremely important. Prospective funders want to know that you are on our team!  NutriBee is beginning its 100/100/100 Campaign. That’s 100 supporters, each giving $100 or more in the 100 work-hours beginning October 9th.

HOW WE THANK YOU: NutriBee’s 100/100/100 supporters receive a unique free gift estimated at $40 value. Inside an oven mitt filled like a holiday stocking is a broad array of nutritious snacks, some of which have just arrived at the market place.  Snacks have been contributed by select food companies committed to expanding America’s healthful choices.  Holiday mitts ship in November.

NutriBee’s 100/100/100 leadership circle will be on NutriBee’s sponsors page. Donations are tax-deductible.  To donate visit Or you may pledge by email to or phone (410) 858-4989.

NUTRIBEE’S STORY: The idea began in 2010 at the FDA’s Office of the Commissioner, where I worked from a national vantage point on nutrition-related chronic diseases in children. While the research and caliber of analysis were impressive, the magnitude of the problem and the scarcity of “can-do solutions” were disheartening. Upon completing the FDA appointment I returned to my faculty position at Johns Hopkins University as a committed solution-finder.

Why choose an entertainment-education game-show for a medical intervention? The Scripps National Spelling Bee and The National Geographic Bee are highly successful at engaging youth and communities through a national platform, yet no such “enter-education” tool had been developed for public health. Hypothesizing that food safety and nutrition were meritorious topics for a game show to engage youth and equip them as lifelong nutrition leaders, I partnered with departmental colleagues in the behavioral sciences with MetLife Foundation supporting our research.

Our research had another breakthrough. Congress appointed a task force on childhood obesity which recommended a 20-hour intervention, similar to NutriBee:

 “American school children who engage in 20 hours of hands-on nutrition learning each year experience measured benefits which include fewer sick days and improved academic standardized test scores.”
-The Institute of Medicine’s 2012 report: Solving the Weight of the Nation

To add impact we invited high school students to write NutriBee’s game show questions. Giving teenagers such creative input is unprecedented and the caliber of talent is outstanding. You can view the projects at Applications for our third annual Bee Quest are now being accepted.

Please join me today.  Be part of the 100/100/100 Leadership Circle.  Our children and our nation will be grateful for generations.

Most appreciatively,


Ingrid Kohlstadt  MD, MPH
NutriBee National Nutrition Competition, Executive Director
Faculty Associate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine
Fellow of the American College of Nutrition

Phone: (410) 858-4989
Fax: (800) 991-4095

198 Prince George Street
Annapolis, MD    21401

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