Health Behavior Changes





Local NutriBee programs are co-instructed by school teachers and health professionals.  

Both teachers and health professionals receive the same instructor training and the synergy carries-over into the classrooms. NutriBee engages and equips participants in making defined and measurable health behavior changes, always presenting them in a positive “Can-Do!” context. These are:

1.         Tasting and smelling food.

2.         Choosing appropriate portion sizes.

3.         Reducing sugar intake.

4.         Increasing fiber intake.

5.         Increasing plant-sourced nutrients.

6.         Reducing processed and saturated animal fats.

7.         Drinking enough water (hydrating).

8.         Eating breakfast.

9.         Connecting food with the natural world.

10.       Following key food safety guidelines.

The NutriBee programs, with these health behavior changes, have been piloted among diverse ethnic, racial, regional and socio-economic groups.