Intervention & Materials

NutriBee Intervention:
NutriBee incorporates Bee-style games into a 20-hour school program to engage youth, age 10-12 years, in positive behavior change.  The 20-hour program is divided into 10 modules, each is approximately 2 hours in length and involves collaborative and experiential learning.

  • Introduction to Modules (Learning Materials)
  • Module 1.   Taste Testing Hot Cocoa
  • Module 2.   Rice and Bean-efits
  • Module 3.   Inventing Healthful Ice Cream
  • Module 4.   Sea 4 Yourself
  • Module 5.   Ethnobotany: Connecting Plants and People
  • Module 6.   Sweet Sensations
  • Module 7.   Hydrating the Athlete
  • Module 8.   I “Eight” My Breakfast
  • Module 9.   The Why in Buy
  • Module 10. My Plate, My Planet

Below is an example of the introduction page for NutriBee’s Module 4, entitled Sea 4 Yourself.

Click on the “expand to full screen” icon on the bottom right corner of the image above to view the full document (30 pages) of Module 4 “Sea 4 Yourself.”


NutriBee Materials:
NutriBee provides schools and organizations our program materials free of charge.  These materials include:

  • Supplies for each NutriBee module
    Each complete set of 10 tubs, one per module is stocked for 25 students and is valued at $1,200.  Unused and non-consumable materials are to be returned to NutriBee upon program completion. Foods and other perishable items are provided to all programs, and currently there are regional differences in how these items are obtained.
  • Incentives and take-home items
    These materials are provided through HUNI (Home Use Nutrition Incentive) with the stated goal of strengthening the school-home connection.
  • Instructor manuals and related training materials
    Additional scientific and technical support is available through NutriBee.
  • Demonstration meals
    The meals program is an opportunity for NutriBee participants to apply what they have learned about healthful nutrition choices. Students choose among healthful foods in a NutriBee offering called “The Picknic.”